American Fine Art Magazine Previews Just off Madison

May 18, 2016

Am Fine Art Magazine 2016 Winslow Homer

The most recent issue of American Fine Art Magazine (No. 27, May/June 2016) features an extensive preview of Just Off Madison. Just Off Madison, a neighborhood-wide open-house, is on from 10 AM to 2 PM on Wednesday, May 18th at a dozen galleries and private dealers’ offices. American Fine Arts Magazine quotes M+S’s Jonathan Spies:

“The market feedback we’ve been receiving in 2016 has been very positive: strong interest in American Modernism leads a healthy appetite for the finest 19th century paintings. But that doesn’t capture the interests and anxieties of new collectors and prospective collectors just at the edge of the field. There are substantial barriers to entry into the art market – not just price tag, but also information gaps and connoisseurship hurdles. We are eager to begin the discussion with those “wallflowers”: What’s keeping you from collecting, and how can we help make the art market less a thorny maze and more of a sunlit garden? Just Off Madison is always a great gateway for both sides of that discussion.”

The magazine’s coverage includes previews of several dealers’ offerings for JOM, as well as a helpful map of the participants.

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